Summer Games Camp 2024

Summer Games are for kids all over San Diego County from ages 5-12. Each day your child’s age group will participate in one of 4 sports: Flag Football/Cheer, Basketball, Baseball/Softball, and Soccer. Maranatha Varsity coaches will lead each group through fun games and drills with the help of our high school varsity athlete volunteers.

  • August 5-9th, 2024 | 9:00-11:30am
  • Maranatha Christian School in 4S Ranch

Occupational Therapists collaborate with parents to develop support plans for kids who need them and supports include peer buddies, sensory area, and modifications to activities as needed. This is a fun, recreational camp that promotes good sportsmanship, teamwork, and fundamentals. Each morning we will start the day with a ten minute devotion based on our camp theme and then the kids will head to their activities. Bring water and a snack for break times.

  • Licensed occupational therapists on site to support campers
  • Trained buddies paired with campers to support them and cheer them on throughout camp
  • Visual supports and individualized accommodations made for children based on their specific needs
  • Sensory break area and supports available
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Camper Registration Instructions

**When registering at the link below, make sure to select the SUMMER GAMES camp. Maranatha School runs many summer camps, but only the Summer Games camp is supported with therapists and volunteer buddies through WonderfullyMade***

  1. Make an account at
  2. Enter your child’s information
  3. Scroll down through list of camp descriptions and select “start application”
  4. Select Summer Games 2024 from the list of camps
  5. If your camper has special needs and you would like them to have supports during camp, select “camper with special needs” (Your camper will be grouped by age, not ability during the week, but selecting this category will ensure that WonderfullyMade receives your information and one of our therapist can reach out to you to collaborate on supports for your child).
  6. Select “Add to Cart”
  7. Repeat for each child. When you have added registration for each child to your cart, select continue to complete payment. 

Volunteer Buddy Registration

Buddy Qualifications:

  • Passionate about children with special needs
  • All buddies will be background checked
  • Age requirement: 12 years or older
  • Willing to participate in 1-2 hour training before camp
  • Available 8am-noon August 5-9, 2024 to support camp

To apply: complete our volunteer registration form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What supports do you have in place for campers with social emotional or behavior needs?

Because we have therapists evaluate our camper’s needs ahead of time, and on-site during the camp, we are able to create individualized supports for each camper, as well as problem solve and modify supports in the moment as needed during the camp. Some of our programs offer a specific social skills group for direct instruction in the morning before camp begins. Here are a few examples of other supports we have readily available:

  • Individualized visual schedules and supports designed by Certified TEACCH Practitioner
  • Sensory break area
  • Noise canceling headphones
  • Modified activities
  • Social Thinking concepts and language

What supports do you have in place for campers with physical differences?

Our physical and occupational and speech therapists modify activities to accommodate any skill level. They also train buddies how to provide appropriate assistance to help our campers gain skills and have fun safely. Parents are interviewed before the event in order to assist us with planning and providing appropriate physical supports for each child.

Are parents able to attend?

Yes. Due to the need to provide security for all of our campers we may need to have a staff or background check volunteer accompany you but we are happy to accommodate parents who wish to observe their student at camp.

Do you have to be a Christian to participate?

No. There is no faith based criteria to attend any of our events and we have enjoyed having campers of many backgrounds.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone 16 years of older can apply to volunteer to be a buddy to a camper. Most of our volunteers are high school and college students who are interested in pursuing a career in one of the therapies. We are able to offer them confirmation of volunteer hours that are accepted by many high schools, colleges and grad school admission boards.

Are your camps faith based?

Our founder and board members all believe that God has created every person wonderfully and beautifully and that is the reason we hold these events. We want to share this intentional love of Christ with our campers. Our events do include Bible stories, bible verses, and worship songs in addition to sports or other activities and social language instruction.

What is your ratio of staff to participants?

Although this may vary by event, we attempt to provide a one to one volunteer buddy for all campers who want or need one. In addition to volunteer buddies, we attempt to provide one licensed therapist per every 5 to 7 campers.

Who can participate in Wonderfully Made events?

We do our best to include anyone who wants to participate. Because of the expertise of our therapists we are able to support participants with a wide variety of skills sets and needs. We try to pick venues that allow easy access and a safe environment for all campers.

Questions or Concerns

Email [email protected]

We look forward to seeing you this summer!

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