About Us

Mission Statement

Wonderfully made is a Registered 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation organized in San Diego, CA and Castle Rock, CO serving the special needs community through organizing sports camps and other activities.

Who We Are

Wonderfully Made! believes that every person was created beautifully with a gift inside of them. We want to help them discover their gifts and creative ways to participate in the things they enjoy. One way we do this is by supporting children with special needs to attend Sports Camps with typically developing children.

Certified Occupational, Physical, and Speech and Language Therapists provide supervision and training of volunteer buddies paired with children with special needs. Visual supports and accommodations / modifications are provided for children based on their individual needs.

At some camps we have had our children with social/pragmatic needs arrive at the camp an hour earlier so they can be front loaded about expected behavior at camp and with social pragmatic skills. These camps provide a unique opportunity for families with typically developing children and children with special needs to attend camp together.

Past parents of special needs children have expressed excitement and joy that their children with special needs were provided the opportunity to gain a “typical” summer camp experience and participate alongside their siblings and peers. Parents conveyed gratitude and relief that their children could continue to receive vital support in a safe environment, meet new friends, and to be successful at a variety of sport activities.

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